Ayurveda Trade Associations, Agencies, & Accreditation
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Here is a list of trade associations and clubs serving the Ayurvedic industry at this time. Some practitioners choose to be members of these associations. Joining these clubs offers networking opportunities for practitioners, as well as participation in seminars and conferences. Generally, practitioners are familiar with these organizations but clients may be unaware of them.


Each of these organizations has a different approach to the practice of Ayurveda in the United States. None of these organizations represents the entire industry. Instead, each association contributes its voice to the diversity of Ayurvedic education in the United States.


There are no Ayurvedic agencies that can offer licensure or government accreditation for an Ayurveda school or program. There are no Ayurvedic agencies that have government authority to regulate the delivery of Ayurvedic education at this time. There are several organizations / associations that give schools membership, or may use the term “recognized” to identify specific programs or institutions aligned with the goals of their institution. Membership or recognition by these non-governmental, private organizations, is not required and does not offer the graduates of their programs any added legal basis for practice.



Please contact us to add your organization to this list.