NAASC gives Ayurveda schools the opportunity to have a voice and decide the future of Ayurveda education in the United States. NAASC school members vote directly on issues, policy, and the board of directors. Our board of directors is administrative only.


  • POLICY – Members vote and decide policy directly. Many schools feel that the future of Ayurveda has been decided for them, without their input. At the same time, schools and school leaders have the most diverse perspective on the community. Schools have direct contact with a large number of Ayurveda stakeholders – including practitioners, teachers, and community leaders. Schools represent an important voice in the Ayurveda community.
  • ADVOCACY – Is your schools facing a struggle of any kind in the community or with a regulatory body? Many schools feel they are alone in their struggle, or that their opinion is held by a minority of schools. Do you feel your school is vulnerable or needs confidentiality? Instead of facing an issue alone, let NAASC advocate for you as a community authority.
  • REPRESENTATION – Our existence gives us a voice in state legislation and before regulatory bodies. NAASC can make policy statements to these institutions as a unified body.
  • DIVERSITY – At the heart and spirit of NAASC is inclusivity and diversity. If you teach students to practice Ayurveda and are licensed to operate in your state, you are eligible for membership. NAASC protects and publishes minority positions.
  • COMMUNITY – Schools share many of the same concerns and struggles. As leaders of the Ayurvedic community, you will have access to an amazing group of individuals to support your school and the future of Ayurveda.




The mission of the National Association of Ayurvedic Schools and Colleges (NAASC) is to bring Ayurvedic professional educational schools together for the purpose of expanding Ayurvedic education in the United States in order to improve the health and well-being of society.




NAASC is a service organization with clear and focused goals in support of Ayurvedic education and schools. Here is our list of founding goals.


  • To help Ayurvedic professional educational schools feel supported.
  • To host or promote programs for educational leaders that address a variety of topics relevant to education.
  • To host or promote forums to share knowledge and educational strategies.
  • To form an opinion, and speak in one voice on issues that affect Ayurvedic education.
  • To respect and publish minority positions.
  • To promote Ayurvedic education in the United States.



  • No one person or group of individuals owns or controls NAASC more than any other member. Each member has an equal vote. Since there is relatively a small number of schools in the community, your vote has more influence at NAASC.
  • Members vote on policy decisions directly. Our board is administrative only and cannot make policy decisions for NAASC. Only members can make policy decisions.
  • Members elect the board and set membership dues.

See the complete NAASC bylaws for more details regarding governance and  operation.

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